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Pulse Ranger

Pulse Ranger at Hamburger HillPulse Ranger at Hamburger Hill



Pulse Ranger - All the fun of Paintball - without the paint!

Pulse Ranger is a realistic, hi-tech combat game that is safe fun for young and old! It can be played with a small or large group – all are welcome.

It is a fully adaptable system where we can vary the number of lives and amount of ammo per game to taylor-make each scenario and game to suit your group.

Our futuristic equipment is lightweight and easy to use, with nothing to distract you from the thrill of laser warfare!

On arrival you are kitted out with coveralls and your Pulse Ranger rifle and given a comprehensive safety/game briefing, before being taken deep into the forest to begin your adventure. Our game referees will explain the objective of each game scenario, then it’s down to you and your team to build a strategy to outwit the opposition and win the game.

During your visit you will play several different game scenarios throughout our extensive woodland area. Points are awarded to the winning team from each of the games played.

Can your team out-point your opposition to win the day ?

£25pp for 2.5 hours

  • 6 years and up.
  • All equipment and coveralls included.
  • Footwear NOT INCLUDED (Boots with ankle support recommended).


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