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Activity Price List

Please be aware that all prices stated below are represented on a 'per-person' basis.

Pricing Banner - £15 for Full Day EntryPricing Banner - £10 for Half Day Entry 

Paintball 'Entry-Only' packages do not include Paintballs, which will be required to play.

Players should be aware that the average consumption is between 400 and 700 Paintballs per day.

Paintballs can be purchased on arrival and throughout the day at the following rates:

Bag of 50 Paintballs : £4.00
Bag of 500 Paintballs : £35.00

Special Offer Paintball Package Deals

Basic Package - £30 per person for Session Entry and 300 PaintballsStandard Package - £40 per person for Session Entry and 500 PaintballsSuper Package - £55 per person for Session Entry and 700 Paintballs Ultra Package - £70 per person for Session Entry and 1000 Paintballs

All Inclusive package deals must be stipulated and paid at the time of arrival. Players cannot 'move' onto any of these deals once checked-in.

The Above Packages can be used on either 'Full Day' or 'Half Day' sessions.

Pulse Ranger (Laser Combat)


Pulse Ranger Sessions - £25 Per Person for 2/12 Hours

Prices above are quoted on a 'per-person' basis. All sessions and events are subject to availability, and pre-booking is essential.

Minimum age for Paintball : 10 - Minimum age for all other activities : 6.

All stated prices are inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

Parental consent forms are required for all under 16s. Click here for form downloads.